Men’s Pants Polar Bear

For this underwear line with seamless technology, for all whose wanting to keep warm even in the most intense cold, the designers chose a yarn inspired by the hair structure of the white bear, which lives at the North Pole where environmental conditions are extreme.

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The Accapi laboratory recognizes the valuable lessons nature can teach us. In the development of their seamless technology underwear line, they drew inspiration from the hair structure of the white bear, a species that thrives in the extreme conditions of the North Pole. By incorporating a unique double-layer structure, the warm fibers in the yarn effectively retain body heat while promoting optimal thermoregulation and efficient moisture transfer. This innovative approach has resulted in the creation of POLARBEAR, a remarkable fusion of nature and technology. The POLARBEAR collection offers exceptionally soft, lightweight, and dry sports clothing for both men and women, providing a comfortable and spacious sensation of warmth.

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