Ergoracing Women’s Long Trousers

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Ergoracing is the adherent shell of elastic energy designed to protect and support the body in competition in all sports that subject to strong active or passive stresses such as vibrations and jolts. Made of seamless double ply technology, the elastic energy shell in contact with the skin is composed of high insulating polyamide microfilaments whose particular micro groove structure allows a rapid evaporation of perspiration: It drains the moisture by taking it outwards and keeping the skin dry. The elastic high-tenacity fiber used for the external structure has a tighter processing to give a better feel to the fitted body. It is suitable for rigorous climates.

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Baselayer ERGORACING is a close-fitting elastic shell designed by ACCAPI to protect and support the body in competition or sport where the body is subject to significant active and passive stress and strain. The Adaptive Energy Compression (AEC) technology used in the creation of this product range ensures support for the arms, legs and the back, reducing muscle vibrations with minimum energy loss. The combination of AEC technology in 10 different textures and seamless technology makes ERGORACING an extraordinary product, ideal of winter sports and all other activities in cold climates. Active textile structures ensure perfect support of muscles. AEC technology helps to maintain muscular strength and power during any activity. Channels moisture outside the garnment, maintaining skin dry and an optimal temperature. AEC technology reduces muscular vibrations and then energy dissipation. Breathable fabric is the best solution for achieving outstanding results in terms of thermal insulation and comfort. Bacteriostatic and odour-free.

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